Google Ads

Be seen by motivated customers exactly in the moment they’re actively looking to buy (and stay close to them, too!)

Google ads are where you pay to show up at the top of page 1 when someone types in your product or searches for something related to what you do, they click and buy and that’s the end, right? Err… not quite.   It’s not just to get sales via a quick Google search. It’s not just to increase website traffic. It’s not just to show up competitively. It’s all of it.

Wondering what partnering with us for Google Ads includes? 👉

Getting you set up 👉 Starts at $595 (+GST)

✅ Brand Account Set up: Everything you need to run optimal ads within key channels

✅ Full campaign mapping: budget allocation, bidding strategy, targeting, ad groups

✅ Analysis: Competitor/Aspirational brands and products

✅ Keyword Research: Using Google keyword planner + cross-referenced with internal software

✅ Targeting: Based on demographics, age groups, location, internet use + more

✅ Optimisation: Dynamic ad copy optimisation

✅ Shop/Shopping development: Creation and Management of product catalogues

✅ Funnel review: We’ll make sure all tyres are pumped up *and* the wheels are oiled from your ads through to your website (this includes conversion codes and creating form confirmation pages)

✅ Troubleshooting: We are your platform expert!

✅ Reporting: Access to your own reports plus regular performance and revenue reports

✅ Partnership: Every client is paired with our Relationship Manager to ensure you are receiving a service that truly grows and benefits your brand and moves you towards reaching and exceeding your goals

Performance Management 👉 Starts at $500/mo (+GST)

✅ Maintenance: Ongoing observation and action for your campaigns

✅ Scale: Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations both in service and in revenue. We are always planning and reviewing your opportunities to grow

✅ Optimisation: Performance Management *is* a responsive and constantly optimised approach to running your brands online advertising channels

✅ Adjustments: Keyword adjustment as needed and responsive to market trends

✅ Negative keywords: The search terms you don’t want to appear under are constantly reviewed and updated

✅ Bidding Strategy review & tweak: It’s one of the most important things we actually do. Tweaking your bidding strategy responsively brings your cost per click way down (More of the right clicks = More conversions 😎)

✅ Ad-Hoc Shopping events: Creation of campaigns for annual and irregular shopping events  

How crafty can we get with Google ads?


It starts with Google search and then there’s a whole world of possibility out there! All our Google clients receive search as the minimum service and you can add other channels on if you like and they’re appropriate – which will help you determine, of course.

There’s a lot more to Google than those [dodgy] emails with Page 1 promises might lead you to believe. Google is layered and each layer services your business and benefits your customer differently. Hover+ tap below to look at some of the options we have when planning global domination via Google’s channels.

🔍Google Search

🔎 Expanded search ads to get relevant clicks for conversions

🔎 Dynamic search ads to send users to different parts of the site

🔎 Call ads and call extensions

🔎 Audience targeting, target or increase targeting for specific demographics, household income, age, gender

🔎 Ad extensions, callouts, sitelinks, structured snippet extensions to expand the ad

🔎 Experiment with bidding strategies to maximise conversions or conversion value

🔎 Install tracking codes on websites to track specific sales value

🛍️ Performance Max (Google Shopping)

🛍️ Formerly called Google shopping

🛍️ Upload and manage products in Google merchant

🛍️ Sync to online store (like Shopify or Woocommerce)

🛍️ Use catalogues to sync Google merchant with Performance max

🛍️ Advertise the products on the top of google search in the form of shopping ads

🛍️ Use audience signals to target specific interests, or what is being searched in Google


📺 Advertise directly on YouTube in various video lengths

📺 Get clicks, brand awareness, drive traffic to website from audiences ready to consume and explore the internet

📺 Show your brand and advertising video alongside relevant YouTube content

📺 Huge opportunity to educate and nurture and gain massive brand lift


🖥️ Show image based ads across Google display networks

🖥️  Remarket – Display visual ads to people who are already aware of your website or brand

🖥️  Display + Remarketing ads get tons of clicks and traffic for a really low cost. It’s possible to get 400 clicks a week from just $5 a day on remarketing/display (and we know this because we’re doing right now!)

Let’s put you in the right place at the right time.

Tell us a little about your business and goals below and let’s get started on scaling your business.