Masterclass: Ad Signals [REPLAY]




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What’s covered in this 1.5 hour Masterclass:
The signals we send to Meta go deeper than simply liking a post or visiting a website with a tracking pixel on it. So how does Meta measure our signals and what does that mean for how our ads and content is delivered and received?
Everything we do on Meta owned apps (such as Instagram and Facebook), as well as non-Meta owned apps and websites with the ability to track and measure, tells a story. About who we are, what we like, how we consume content, what kind of content we are attracted to and what subjects or topics we are likely to build interest in.
The behaviours we exhibit work in cahoots with the algorithm and other factors to create a personalised feed, including what sponsored content (paid ads) we see.
Suitable for: New Newbies, Beginner advertisers, dabblers.
You may have never run ads before or you’ve got some experience running boosted posts and paid ad campaigns using ad manager.
To get the most of this class, you have some experience as a social media user and have some experience managing pages and accounts for businesses.

Please remember this is a downloadable replay of a live class which had students in attendance and as such, you may find some of the content is part of dialogue which took place in real time.