Masterclass: Meta Ads Foundations [REPLAY]




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What’s covered in this 1.5 hour Masterclass:
SIGNALS: The signals we send to Meta go deeper than simply liking a post or visiting a website with a tracking pixel on it. So how does Meta measure our signals and what does that mean for how our ads and content is delivered and received?
THE ALGORITHM: I am going to break down the simple truth about the Algorithm – and how we can use it to our advantage with paid ads and our everyday content
COPY BASICS: How to introduce, warm up and sell – without feeling like you’re putting out billboard after billboard.
INTRO TO CHATGPT: It’s not going anywhere! ai is only going to become more embedded into our lives and those who embrace and learn it are the ones who will reap the benefits




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Please remember this is a replay of a live class which had students in attendance and as such, you may find some of the content is part of dialogue which took place in real time.

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