The Meta Algorithm [REPLAY]




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What you’ll learn in this 1.5 hour masterclass:

🤩 Have a *basic* understanding of what the algorithm actually is

😃 Feel comfortable asking questions about the algorithm and how it affects organic and paid content

😮 Use that knowledge to plan creative and targeting

🥳 Understand what contributes to how your content is ranked

This class replay gives you access via a private YouTube replay link and a PDF of the slides used to deliver content.

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Please remember this is a link to a replay of a live class which had students in attendance and as such, you may find some of the content is part of dialogue which took place in real time.

What factors come into play when it comes to our content distribution? You may have heard marketers say things such as… “The algorithm changed yesterday. What you need to know“. or “Stop doing these 5 things the algorithm hates!” or a favourite: “How you’re dragging your algorithm down“.


The thing about these statements? They’re ‘scary’, and designed to rely on business owners not really having a great handle on what the algorithm actually is – and they don’t accurately teach you how it truly works.


This workshop sets out to demystify the algorithm a little bit and teach users how it works with content for an overall user experience – both behind the scenes and on the feed.

I’m myth-busting overused (and incorrect) lines such as “how to beat the algorithm” and “my algorithm is broken” or “the algorithm changed yesterday” and I am going to break down the simple truth about the Algorithm – and how we can use it to our advantage with paid ads and our everyday content.

Guess what? It’s easier and (way less manic) than you might think!